CPD picks up side job protecting corporate welfare at senior rally

Yesterday afternoon around three hundred rallied at Federal Plaza and marched to Chase Tower to promote protection of social security and to end the systemic corporate welfare that benefits JP Morgan Chase.  The event was promoted by Moveon.org, and was sponsored by the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, a “multiracial, grassroots organization” led by concerned seniors in Chicago, which was founded in 1976.


The marching and vocal seniors’ strength was inspiring.  They are experienced activists and resilient.

CPD street-side when rally is by federal builing

Chicago Police Department officers surrounded the event.  While at Federal Plaza the cops were street-side

CPD protecting Chase Tower

not between the demonstrators and the Federal building,
but when the march reached its destination at Chase Tower, they moved from the curb and shoulder to protect the front entrance of the Chase Tower, while smug bank
managers supervised their work.

Smug Chase managers supervise CPD

After the speakers were finished passionately advocating for their earned benefits, they encouraged caucus members to place yellow, broken heart cut-outs reading “Broken promises = broken hearts” on the windows of the Tower.  When the windows were blocked by the cops that were already acting as se20170214_161810curity guards, people started to place their broken hearts on the building and the signs, but bicycle officers quickly moved in to block the entire façade of the building, tearing down hearts as they assumed their positions using their bikes as shields.


In a city with a murder rate so infamous that Trump and King Rahm think that it needs federal law enforcement assistance, with a police department that doesn’t want to do its job if it means filling out extra paperwork or not violating basic civil rights of the citizens they should be protecting, that we can spare tax payers’ resources like policing to protect corporations is incomprehensible and is exactly the type of corporate welfare that these rallies are speaking out against.  CPD, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being Jamie Dimon’s security guards and janitors.

While one woman told the assembled crowd that she would be homeless if her social security benefits were cut, CPD officers chatted and snickered in the background.


The citizens fund CPD, and they feel compelled to spend our money protecting Chase, while being disrespectful to demonstrators.

This group will be meeting at Federal Plaza every Tuesday at 3:30 for the first hundred days of Trump’s presidency.  The Jane Addams Senior Caucus is hosting “Resist Trump Tuesdays” in Chicago.  I’ll see you there next week to continue the resistance.


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