Resistance Guide

When I said I would stand with you, I meant it.

Report from the Resistance is now your one-stop information site for all things resistance related.

The resistance works best when organized for maximum impact.  Here is the focus moving forward:

  1. Fund organizations that are going to bring lawsuits against the illegal actions of the Trump administration and Congress like the ACLU.  I have added a page called Support to the main menu of the site with links to organizations. It can be any group that focuses on any specific issue, but make sure that they have a legal department to bring lawsuits to the court system, which is the CHECK!
  2. Continue to protest.  We’re starting city-specific pages under the Protest section, please contact us to have your city/events added, if you would like to be a editor for events in your area. The protests are working.
  3. Boycott, which is just protesting using money.  I created a Boycott section for list of boycotts against the Trump family and the oligarchies supporting injustice in America.  Boycotts work.  Nordstrom has stopped selling Ivanka’s clothing line, and the Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick has left the Trump Advisory Council based on our work.
  4. We have to continue to push our Congresspeople and Senators to resist.  Cede nothing!! To help you with your daily contact we have added a Contact page.  (To contact Report from the Resistance, follow the Tell Us link.) We have to make sure they’re fighting for change on the inside.  Follow the checklist, and start with phone numbers.
  5. We must push for new political path through grassroots movements, and encouraging progressive candidates to run. That means you, resisters!  Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress are there to help push Progressive candidates, and Run for Office lists upcoming elected positions.  The Run page will provide information and links to these organizations.
  6. Finally we must not normalize.  We stop normalization by continuing to publicize and by continuing to promote RESISTING.  We stop normalization by recognizing there are facts.  We stop normalization by sharing our stories of resistance.  You can contribute your story to our Profiles in Resistance section, and check out our Galleries event pictures.

We welcome your contributions in the form of original reporting and photos, input, and feedback.


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