Profiles in Resistance: I Refuse to Normalize

This is the first installment in our new series “Profiles in Resistance.”  Michelle Z is from Chicagoland and went to DC for the Women’s March on Washington.

I was born and raised in a Midwestern blue-collar household.  My dad was a union truck driver and my mom went from stay-at-home-mom to secretary because my dad’s salary was shrinking and each year he made less and less.  We were always taught to work hard, but help each other out.  Money was tight.  By the time I was 29 I was making more than my parents combined (which isn’t saying a lot.) So it’s funny when people describe me as a “liberal elite” or tell me that “I live in a bubble” …

I majored in political science in college because I’ve always been interested in politics. I fully ascribe to the Democratic philosophies; a large federal government should be there to provide a social safety net.  I believe in universal healthcare and universal higher education.  But I completely understand the Republican ideals of smaller federal government and more state control of public policy, giving power back to the “people” because one size doesn’t always fit all.  I see the pros and cons to each view. I love a lively debate on political ideology.  I don’t believe one is right and the other is wrong.  These are beliefs, not facts.  I’ll even debate the pros and cons of American presence overseas and America’s role in the world.  These are thoughts and ideologies and mine are not more right than anyone else’s.

So if the Republicans would have elected Jeb Bush, John Kasich, or even “little Marco” I would not be marching.  I respect the Office of the President, but I require that of Donald Trump as well.  I march because I will not and cannot normalize a man who thinks it is okay to “grab (women) by their pussies.”  I will not normalize a man that is okay with pulling a judge from case because “he’s a Mexican.”  I will not normalize a man that openly mocks the disabled.  When his own party publicly chastises him, how is the “other side” supposed to find him acceptable?   My answer to all the people who say give him a chance?  He’s a 70 year old man who believes he’s won a mandate.  He will not change.  A chance?  A chance to make good on his campaign promises? No, thank you!  So he can separaimg_5079te families and dismantle the DREAM Act?  No, thank you! So he can criminalize women who obtain abortions?  No, thank you! So he can force schools to no longer be gun-free zones?  No, thank you!  So he can destroy the Paris (climate) Agreement– because he believes global warming is a hoax?  No, thank you!

His ongoing war with the press and outright lies to the American people leave me speechless, but there’s so much more to say … the slippery slope created by accepting ethical breaches and falsehoods from our elected officials is dangerous.  After his behavior, do you think the next president will be willing to release his/her taxes returns?  Will be willing to correct financial conflicts of interest?  Why would they?  Let’s hope someone else doesn’t take advantage of our vulnerability and optimism.

I also march because I want the Democratic National Committee to see that I’m not okay with how they operate. This is scorched earth policy, my friends.  We should not acquiesce to any of his cabinet or Supreme Court nominees. As I love to say: Grow some balls and hurt some feeling.  Do what is right, not what will get you re-elected.

I march because I’m a working mom.  I march because I’m a daughter to an aging mother.  I march because my family are immigrants.  I march because I’m an American!

This is the first installment in our new series “Profiles in Resistance.”  Michelle Z is from Chicagoland and went to DC for the Women’s March on Washington.  If you would like to add your voice to the resistance please email contributions questions to


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