Profiles in Resistance: I Refuse to Normalize

I also march because I want the Democratic National Committee to see that I’m not okay with how they operate. This is scorched earth policy, my friends.


We’re looking for contributors!

We want to hear your reports of resistance! With great excitement and pride I open up the Report from the Resistance to more voices.  We would love to hear about your march, why you marched, and what you’re doing now to resist.  Have you been marching? Have you been rallying?  Have you been protesting? Have you…

Freedom Fighters check Presidential powers

This morning, after a night of tossing, turning, and vivid dreams, I became a Freedom Fighter with the ACLU.  We see the work ahead of us, and we need the court systems to check Trump’s power.  The ACLU did an amazing job last night getting a stay granted nationally for part of the Muslim Ban.  We…

This is what democracy looks like

“Show me what democracy looks like.” Report from the Resistance planned to meet at Sarah’s job to walk to our rally bus together, but I could hear the chanting and roars as soon as I got off the redline on State and Lake in downtown Chicago.  The election ignited the city’s liberal passions and sent…

DC was inspiring, data was difficult

We made it home and captured so much to report to you, but, despite our best efforts, it was hard to connect.  We are going to get a little rest and start providing full documentation of the Resistance: Day I and the next steps forward.

En route

Still reporting to the resistance on our way to the rally! #womensmarchonwashington 

America Ferrera rallies marchers

“This is only day one!” Ferrera delivered a rousing speech to the thousands gathered at the pre-march rally. We’re still on the bus, but we’re live streaming the rally and playing over Bluetooth speaker on the bus.  Reporting TO the resistance…